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Award Won!

Best Student-Developed Game (Available 2008-present)

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Limbitless Journey


Limbitless Solutions UCF

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After completion of a clinical trial with the Mayo Clinic on ALS patients using a wheelchair controlled with EMG, it was found that users would benefit from a training environment to learn how to control the system in a safe environment. Because the system can be intimidating to learn a cozy game aesthetic was implemented to lesson the stress of learning. The game scaffolds the learning experience across four levels of increasing difficulty. The end result is that if the user can navigate this environment, they will be ready to head out in the real chair. The game also uses eye tracking to provide more dignity and simplify the user experience.

Game Overview

Flex control of a novel wheelchair interface.

Successfully completing the game should demonstrate enough control to be safe in a real wheelchair.

ALS Patients that are about to use the EMG powered wheelchair created by Limbitless Solutions.

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Game Engine
Operating System

Game Video

Play the video below to learn more about Limbitless Journey