Expanding Horizons

Bridging Continents Through Serious Games

The primary purpose of the Challenge is to advance the concept of using games as a training/education medium. In the furtherance of this goal, SGS&C is actively partnering with other conferences who share this vision by either establishing a regional international Challenge or collaboratively linking their serious games competition with SGS&C.

Empowering Education

Pioneering the Future of Educational Gaming

SGS&C formed a partnership with Orange County (Florida) Public Schools (OCPS) in 2013 to select the first Students’ Choice Award winner. Middle and high school students around the county collectively evaluated select games from a student perspective to determine the award. OCPS students and teachers get the opportunity to learn how games can be used for learning and education while participating in the Challenge.

Join the Movement

Elevate Serious Gaming With Us!

Partner with us to enhance serious games’ visibility and recognition through starting an international Challenge and sending your winners to participate in the SGS&C.

Increased visibility of serious gaming within the region
Expanded serious game networking opportunities internationally
The acceleration of our primary goal to advance serious gaming