February 16, 2024

Ellis LaMay

Back when video game arcades were the rage and the concept of the home console was just getting started, Steve Slosser was big into gaming. That is, before his academic studies took priority. His 2010 introduction to SGS&C came by way of his position as Principal Investigator at the Joint Training Integration and Evaluation Center (JTIEC) – the action organization for Team Orlando.

As this year’s lead for the Submission and Candidate Management Committee, as well as the Special Emphasis Committee, he is also very involved in many other areas.
Steve brings many years of experience to the SGS&C, first as a software developer in the military training and simulation industry, and more recently, serving a number of roles as a technology and continuous improvement advocate. It’s this background, coupled with his experience, which makes Steve’s contribution to SGS&C an important one. He’s always looking for ways to make the process more efficient by employing the latest technology where expedient.

When he initially began working in the training and simulation industry after school, it rekindled his interest in game technology, but with the twist of a learning focus. “I used to work with some crusty human factors psychologists who would sap the energy out of every technology demonstration by asking, ‘But what does this do for the learner?’” recounts Steve. His message? “Consider what’s best for the learner first.”

That’s the perspective that Steve brings each and every year to the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge.


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