February 16, 2024

Ellis LaMay

Otronicon-wOtronicon began in 2006 as an effort to “explore the science, art, technology, careers and fun behind video games, simulation and digital media.” Because Team Orlando is a local advocate for STEM learning and an Otronicon partner, Team Orlando joined the Orlando Science Center’s effort to recognize and celebrate the impact that digital technologies have made in nearly every aspect of our lives by presenting a selection of games from the 2014 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge.

Otronicon attendees had the opportunity to play twelve of the top games featured at the 2014 International/Interservice Training, Simulation and Education Conference.

“Otronicon was the perfect venue to showcase finalists and winners from the 2014 Serious Games Showcase and Challenge,” said 2015 IPT Chair, Lisa Scott Holt, Ph.D. “Otronicon attendees, eager to see state-of-the-art technologies, got to experience firsthand how gaming mechanics and game technology can be used to create engaging and effective instruction.”

SGS&C-Otronicon-w“I hope that continued exposure to Serious Games not only encourages educators to leverage the power of games, but also inspires today’s youth to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics,” Holt said.

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