February 16, 2024

Ellis LaMay

In front of a standing room only group this year at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference, the Serious Games Showcase and Challenge (SGS&C) presented seven awards to recognize this year’s challenge winners. Even a late season hurricane in Florida couldn’t keep the SGS&C IPT committee from completing their mission.

“Serious games are the future of learning – they engage learners on multiple levels, inviting curiosity in a less intimidating way through their use of game mechanics, graphics, and story,” said Amanda Bond, Ph.D., SGS&C IPT lead. “This year, we were challenged to find our purpose, and I believe that based on feedback from our game developers, this team has delivered.”

The Best General Audience Serious Game is awarded to Top Derm by Level Ex. Top Derm is a medically accurate, fun, and challenging experience for dermatologist, and it’s free and available on phones. It’s packed with short, rapid-fire, focused challenge packs, designed to give users a variety of well-rounded dermatology challenges that strengthen both dermatology knowledge and the ability to visually identify common and rare skin disorders.

Procurify by Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army – Procurement is this year’s Best Government Audience Serious Game. Procurify introduces gamified interactive learning as an alternative to traditional lecture style training. The introduction of interactive learning applies to multiple learning styles increasing retention and application of objectives.

The 2022 Best Student-Developed Serious Game is Pirates of the Sea++ by the Creative Gaming and Simulation Lab at Norfolk State University. This game was designed to create a fun and engaging 2D learning game for players to enhance their knowledge of C++ computer programming concepts. Specifically, it works to improve basic output structure, C++ basic data types, conditional operators, and conditional statements such as if statements and while loops.

Advanced Haptics Burn Care: Escharotomy by Engineering & Computer Simulations, Inc. (ECS) was named the Best XR Serious Game. This game provides hands-on medical training through haptics to actually “feel” the patient in order to save them from losing life and limb with an emergency surgery using an escharotomy procedure.

The winner of the 2022 Students’ Choice Award is ARIN-561 by USC Institute for Creative Technologies. ARIN-561 is an educational game that teaches high school students artificial intelligence concepts and prompts them to apply math and problem-solving skills.

The final winner is Virtual Reality Simulated Delirium Environment (VRSDE) by Veterans Health Administration, Institute for Learning, Education and Development, which won both the Serious Game Innovation Award and the coveted People’s Choice, chosen by I/ITSEC attendees. VRSDE is an iOS application that provides a training product to physicians and allied health professionals who provide elder care and emergency care for Veterans experiencing delirium.

“It was an honor to serve as the 2022 IPT industry lead,” said Bond. “I appreciate my company, SoarTech, for supporting me as we continue to provide the art of the possible in the form of innovative serious games. Game-based training is powerful. Now, go play!”


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