February 16, 2024

Ellis LaMay

In preparation for Serious Games Showcase & Challenge 2013, the SGS&C team has been evaluating and prototyping various online tools to facilitate the submissions process.  Past submissions processes involved filling out a Microsoft Word form document and submitting via email.  As a result, the submission forms received were highly variable because of the various ways different entrants filled out the form.

The new process being investigated is one that leverages an online survey tool.  This will provide us with more uniform looking submission forms and provide the added benefit of being about the make use of analysis tools built into the tool for our reporting requirements.  It also means that entrants don’t need to acquire Microsoft Word or use one of its free equivalents.  The submission will be done entirely online.  SGS&C hopes this new process is as productive for entrants as it is for the team.  Look for the new process when submissions open August 1!


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