February 16, 2024

Ellis LaMay

Info Sentinel

Organizations increasingly transfer cyber security knowledge to their staff in the form of publications and instructor-led training. However, knowledge transfer does not guarantee skill development.

In order to let the trainees become skilled at recognizing threats, and being fully aware of the direct connection between their daily actions and cyber security breaches, Info-Sentinel lets them experience the point of view of a cyber-security inspector. They deal with the same mistakes that the trainee might be making throughout his/her day.

Challenged with taking the necessary actions to reveal vulnerabilities, the trainee must think critically and understand the way the hackers think.

Info Sentinel Travel Security

The highlights:

* Skill development training for securing sensitive information during work-related activities

* Scenario-based immersion, incident handling, instant feedback in two separate training modules that focuscon information security during travel, and at the office

Info Sentinel Screen Shot

* Behavioral data collection and analysis, in-game performance feedback, LMS deployment, fully customizable


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