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U.S. Army STARS Anatomy

U.S. Army STARS Anatomy


Army Game Studios

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U.S. Army STARS: Anatomy is composed of 3 modules:

  • Quest: uses our unique progression system to ferry students from exposure to the material to complete mastery over the course of 30 handcrafted levels. Our physics based puzzle game engages the students and instructs them on basic concepts, then our special activities test their knowledge and reinforce the content. Our “adventure map” approach to learning drives the students to explore what new and exciting ideas are behind the next level as they dive deeper into the skeletal system.
  • Explore: a detailed 3D model of the human skeleton with a name, pronunciation, and information for every bone, intended as a visually pleasing pocket reference for players. Our system is easy to navigate, making it simple for students or teachers to use whenever they need reference, visuals for a class activity, or are just curious. On supported devices (ARKit/ARCore required) you can move the skeleton out of the screen and into the classroom with an interactive augmented reality version of the model.
  • Challenge: comprises our fun and straight forward quizzes to test user’s knowledge of the human skeleton. Over 150 questions are broken up into 4 major skeletal groups (Arms & Hands, Cranium & Spine, Torso, Legs & Feet) with a master challenge to test comprehensive knowledge.

Game Overview

Our focus is helping students develop a real understanding of the human skeletal system through memorization and comprehension skills using fun and repeatable learning techniques.

Mastery of bone names, locations, and functions in the human skeleton.

High School biology students and teachers

Test scores and level advancement. In the Challenge module users skills are measured via a percentage score reflecting how many answers they answered correctly. In the Quest module the player is collecting golden skulls to gain access to more content. To collect enough golden skulls to progress,they first must practice the game, which introduces the learning concepts. Next, they must perfect each of the 4 learning activities, which introduce more advanced concepts. The farther along the map the user is, the more content they have mastered.

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Game Video

Play the video below to learn more about U.S. Army STARS Anatomy