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The Suspect

The Suspect


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The Suspect is an interactive interrogation where participants must prove them-selves smarter than a man with a mind as dangerous – and yet as charming – as Hannibal Lector.

Our suspect has handed himself into police and is now sitting in a state-of-the-art interrogation room – and will only talk to you.  As an un-trained negotiator, you have been assigned a police handler who briefs you on the information their detective work is uncovering. She gives you tips to get under his skin during the conversation, and feeds you information from the police investiga-tion that is taking place outside in the ‘real world’. Her goal is to make sure you ex-tract enough information to convict Markus Winter and keep him confined.

As the story progresses, Markus raises the stakes by revealing that he has set up a series of deaths before he handed himself in.  If you do not agree to take part in his plans, he will kill them. if you do agree, you may find yourself an accessory to murder. The next steps are in your hands:  can you get inside his head before he gets inside yours?

Game Overview

The project uses a chat AI engine, and its goals in this version are to teach empathy with restraint, skills in communication and negotiation, and how to manage a dangerous individual.

The challenge is to keep the character talking, find out what he knows and save the lives of the people at risk.

Adult, predominantly 18-35. Crime fiction tends to have a more female appeal than male, and we have written this for that audience.

Players are shown how many lives there are left to save, how many they have saved so far, and how many they have lost.

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Game Video

Play the video below to learn more about The Suspect