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Swibo Tilt

Swibo Tilt


Swibo Ltd

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The player uses their balance to play the suite of games, improving proprioception, balance, and strength while having fun. The games also provide data to the player’s trainer or physiotherapist to measure their progress, helping the therapist correct for strengths, weaknesses, and asymmetries through the games. The currently available games for Swibo Tilt are NeoZen, a space racing game, Hexile, a puzzle platformer, and Unbearable, a zombie-teddy-bear survival game.

Game Overview

Balance training and proprioception (the knowledge of how your body moves in space) are trained using these games, the balance board being a widely used method for this. Our system works to improve people’s stability, balance control, and strength while reducing asymmetry, a key risk indicator for further injury.

  • Over All: To improve balance, proprioception, stability, and strength in a fun, engaging, and effective way.
  • Hexile: To use your balance to navigate through levels, solving puzzles and exploring along the way.
  • NeoZen: Steer your spaceship through a race-course, using your control to hit targets and avoid hazards.
  • Unbearable: Survive as long as you can in this camping trip gone wrong, using your balance to fend off hordes of zombie-teddy-bears.

People recovering from lower limb injury, or training to prevent them.

  • Overall: Swibo Tilt is designed to be used in conjunction with a physical therapist. When done so, the player’s activity during the game is converted to a heatmap showing where on the board the player balances throughout play. This is transmitted to their physical therapist trainer, showing trends, strengths and weaknesses, and asymmetry in the player’s balance. For example, if a player continues to favor a healthy side over another their trainer will see this and be able to assign levels which focus on their injured side, helping them exercise effectively.

The main skills being taught are balance stability, control, and strength, and we design our games to challenge these gradually. Throughout our games the player will be required to hold stable positions, finely control their character to overcome challenges or reach higher scores, and play for longer to challenge their strength.

  • Hexile: The levels of the game gradually increase in complexity, difficulty, and length. As the player improves in their strength and balance they’ll be able to complete and unlock higher levels and new worlds and challenges. There are currently over 30 levels available for this game to be unlocked. For example, the player must be able to hold the board flat to balance on platforms which take them across rivers or canyons, and must be able to control their balance to avoid boulders and obstacles.
  • NeoZen: The better a player’s control the more they’ll be able to hit the blue ‘boost’ pads and avoid the red ‘hazards’ which slow them down. The faster they go, the higher their score, but the more control is needed. As the player improves they will be able to beat their previous scores, and in Infinite Mode, reach higher levels of difficulty (higher ‘sectors’).
  • Unbearable: The player must use their balance to aim at oncoming enemies. The game adapts to how well the player performs, if they are able to very quickly take down enemies from a distance the game will increase in difficulty and speed, whereas if they are struggling it will slowdown. Not all players will have the same physical capabilities or gaming capabilities, so it’s important to be able to adapt to every player.In this game the player must survive waves of increasing difficulty, the number of teddies they’re able to take down shows their progression.

Game Specs

Special Hardware
  • Requires Computer (OSX or PC)
  • Smartphone (iOS or Android)
  • a Balance Board
Game Engine
Operating System

Game Video

Play the video below to learn more about Swibo Tilt