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Spark City

Spark City


Gronstedt Group and Walmart

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“Spark City” challenges Walmart associates to manage various departments where they make inventory, staffing, and customer service decisions, packing months of business processes into hours of game play. The game is modeled on popular mobile resource management games like Clash of Clans. The learner unlocks new levels, tools and information as they progress. The business sim motivates students to put the concepts they learn in Walmart Academy into practice, performing Walmart’s “One Best Way” routine. It provides real time feedback, including customer service, inventory and sales. Game mechanics keep the game fun and engaging while focusing on learning tasks, including mission and story line, hint-system and feedback, level progression and freedom to fail.

Game Overview

Players learn to prioritize their various responsibilities and balance inventory tasks with customer service. As they level up in the game, they also learn to manage and increase the capabilities of their team members.

How do you get your tasks done in an eight-hour workday? How do you keep shelves stocked and customers happy? How do you optimize performance of your team in the short and long term? What are the drivers of Walmart’s business success? These are the management challenges addressed by the game. The ultimate goal is to demonstrate a career path and teach associates to become leaders.

The primary audience of the game is students of Walmart Academy, front-line hourly supervisors, department managers and assistant managers who receive training to advance in their career.

There are three scores in the game, as seen on the top of the screen: “OSCA” is an inventory score, “CFF” is a customer satisfaction score, “Sales” is the main score of the game play, it’s presented as percentage change from previous year.

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Game Video

Play the video below to learn more about Spark City