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Post Attack Reconnaissance

Post Attack Reconnaissance (PAR) Virtual Training Mode


ARA Virtual Heroes

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Post Attack Reconnaissance (PAR) Virtual Training Mode trains Air Force members assigned to PAR teams to become familiar with what normal and post-attack looks like.

Game Overview

Simulate and evaluate potential key PAR team tasks performed before and after a CBRN (chemical agent) attack. The student performs several tasks such as: identify and report damage to the base and equipment, casualty assessment, locate, identify, mark, and report all hazards (UXOs, fires, CBRN contamination, building/utility damage, debris), maintain radio contact with the control center (without transmitting within 25 meters of a UXO).

The goal is for players to be able to identify the purpose, policies, structure, roles and responsibilities of a PAR team.

Air Force Facility Managers and Air Force members who get assigned to a PAR team

Each task, or encounter, is graded at three different levels: locate, mitigate, and report. Each of these is scored at the end of both scenarios sending a pass/fail score to the LMS. A score of 70% accuracy is required to pass each scenario. against real life patient care and on textbook knowledge.

Game Specs

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Game Video

Play the video below to learn more about Post Attack Reconnaissance (PAR) Virtual Training Mode