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OtherWordly is a word association game, with missing letters, and complex obstacles, which boosts players inactive vocabulary.

Game Overview

OtherWordly plays with the meanings of words (not spelling). The game supports literacy and critical thinking by: 1)Tapping into inactive vocabulary (words students kind of know); 2) Boosting confidence/excitement with English language; 3) Analyzing and discerning words and clues. 4) Practicing having a longer attention span; 5) Showing words in context (collocations, literary excerpts); and 6) Practicing creative thinking about synonyms and relations.

The goal of OtherWordly is to match associated words.

The game serves tailored content for three audiences: (a) Adult, native English speakers; (b) Non-native speakers, for whom the game has adaptive vocab difficulty; and (c) Kids ages 6-12.

For native English speakers, accuracy %’s reported after each level, and the player can recap each shot they made or missed, and see the meaning of each word. For non-native English speakers, the game continually evaluates the player’s statistically-likely vocabulary size, and modulates/adapts the vocabulary difficulty to suit them.

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Game Video

Play the video below to learn more about OtherWordly