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NIHCC Treasure Tour


NIH Clinical Center

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NIH Clinical Center Treasure Tour familiarizes pediatric patients with the NIH Clinical Center before participation in research studies to help diminish their anxiety level.

Game Overview

Familiarization with the NIH Clinical Center departments, staff, equipment, and stress reduction techniques.

Each room contains one or more objects the player may select to learn about that object, such as the anesthesia machine or an IV bag. Some objects also provide memory or word puzzles the user may play to earn tokens. The player spends these tokens in the “store” to purchase hats and special moves for their avatar. The moves allow the avatar to run, jump and spin as they move through the corridors between rooms. Some of the puzzles also teach techniques the patient may use to deal with stress, such as relaxation and using music and other forms of entertainment to engage their minds on something other than the procedure.

Pediatric patients ages 6 to 18.

Learning is through standard casual quiz and puzzle games. There is basic feedback, some games require correct completion before progressing, and encouraging feedback statements are provided. Players earn virtual currency to use in game to buy additional
personalization options for avatars.

Game Specs

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Game Video

Play the video below to learn more about NIHCC Treasure Tour