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NBCOT Navigator

NBCOT Navigator


National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy

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NBCOT Navigator is a virtual continuing competencyplatform for occupational therapists using game-based case simulations and games.

Game Overview

The games are specifically intended to be assessment tools, however some of the games dabble a bit towards teaching. In general, we view assessment as a key component of learning necessary to direct professionals to resources to improve their practical knowledge and skills. Explicit performance feedback during a case is intentionally excluded to allow a pure assessment of knowledge. However, each case summary includes performance information and links to resources to enable learning.

The NBCOT Navigator is a collection of tools.Each case simulation focuses upon different stages of the client interaction. The case simulations are each composed of a number of modules, each with their own completion instructions and goals. The case simulations are normatively scored; to successfully complete a full case and earn Competency Assessment Units (CAUs), a player must perform better than the median score of his or her peers on that tool. Even with these individual variations in challenge, all case simulations share a core challenge to successfully assess and provide occupational therapy services as appropriate tothe virtual individuals met in game.

Working occupational therapy professionals

For the case simulations, a board of subject matter experts rank all possible responses on a five point scale of how positive, neutral, or negative an action would be given the situation. Player actions and decisions are compared against these rankings to determine successful or unsuccessful completion of each module. Further, for a complete case, players are normatively scored with reference to the median score achieved by peers at varying levels of expertise in the OT domain.

Each game has its own scoring system with information ranked and compared in appropriate ways – always assessing ideal performance against player performance.

Game Specs

Special Hardware
  • Unity WebPlayer enabled browsers
  • IE 11, Firefox, Safari, Not Chrome
Game Engine
Operating System

Game Video

Play the video below to learn more about NBCOT Navigator