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Award Won!

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MyStartUp - Simsoft Technologies



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The player is faced with the challenge of starting a successful business beginning with picking the idea which is demanded enough by the market to be successful. Later on, the player take the correct course of action in order to sustain the business and also expected to react to certain events in the correct way to maintain his/her social worth within the city.

Game Overview

Hardships of starting and managing a business as well as the steps that has to be taken to be successful are conveyed to the player through a gameplay which demands the player to pay attention to events and details of the world of the game.

The goal of the game is to turn enough companies to profit while searching for an opportunity to turn one of these companies to an ideal unicorn company.

Entrepreneurs, Economists, Casual Gamers.

Without the player considering what must be done next about managing the business or starting with an idea without demand, the player would be punished by failure through loss of money or even losing social worth within the city.

Game Specs

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Game Video

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