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Legends of Europe

Legends of Europe


Regional Council of Brittany (France)

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Legends of Europe is an online treasure hunt that plunges the player into an imaginary world inspired by medieval fantasy, with scenery integrated in panoramic Google Street views and then customized. It offers a fantastic tale that captivates and seduces a young public thanks to the legends from the rich lore of European countries.

Game Overview

The player is led to reflect on his or her own relationship with Europe, to break down the borders, to identify and share values and a common culture. Besides discovering and learning about Europe, this game also aims to bring players closer together, whatever their nationality, in order to create a feeling of belonging, respect and brotherhood. The player is also led to test and broaden his knowledge on Europe through a series of themes including history, legends, art, traditions of European countries, etc.

The player becomes Maël, a young hero whose mission is to retrieve the creatures that he accidentally released from a spell-book, from European legends. Based on real European legends, he has to catch these creatures and take them back to their world in order to seal the spell-book. During his quest, Mael is assisted by Loé, the spell-book’s guardian, and Danaé, a mysterious girl, who will help him find and capture the creatures. The scenario offers multiple alternatives ends, in accordance with the player’s choices.

Learners ages 15-19.

The game offers over 500 quizzes scattered throughout the game. The player must give a certain number of correct answers in order to advance in the adventure and to move from one destination to another in the discovery of Europe. The player obtains rewards in the form of badges that are unlocked as the game unfolds, depending on his achievements and his progress in the game. There are badges for example that reward the number of sites visited in the game (Curious, Tourist, Traveller, Explorer, Globe-trotter), the level of expertise according to the total score (Novice, Apprentice, Expert, Master), the level of the learner according to the number of correct answers given in the quiz games (Good student, Learned, Scientist), etc. Badges are also unlocked when the player finds all the creatures in the game (Hunter) or to reward his progress in filling the pages of the spell-book (Storyteller, Bookworm), etc. The “Braveheart” and “Heir of the Mages” badges can be earned by unlocking an alternate ending to the game, finding all the creatures in all 3 scenarios in the game, and activating all the memorial stones, which encourages the player to replay and discover the game in its entirety.

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