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Karnaugh's Conundrum

Karnaugh’s Conundrum


Old Dominion University

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Karnaugh’s Conundrum is a serious game designed to aide students learn how to interpret and manipulate Karnaugh Maps, or K-maps, for digital circuit optimization.  Karnaugh’s Conundrum converts conventional classroom learning into a fun process involving alteration of a typical K-map grid into a slider puzzle format allowing for a more engaging and enjoyable learning experience.

Game Overview

Karnaugh’s Conundrum teaches the principles of the Karnaugh Map, or K-map, used for basic digital circuit expression optimization.

Players challenged to learn how to interpret K-maps by both the grid visual and the Boolean expression.  The player must understands both components of the K-map in order to solve the harder puzzles presented in the game.

High school and college students interested in Computer Engineering topics.

Players solve the K-map puzzle receiving points for correct answers and losing points for incorrect answers with each puzzle scored slightly differently.  The Limited Swap puzzle allows the player a certain number of swaps or less to complete the puzzle.  If the player takes more than the allotted number of swaps, points are deducted.  Points are rewarded for completing the puzzle in fewer than the par number of swaps.

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