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Info Sentinel Travel Security

Info Sentinel: Travel Security


MAVI Interactive

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Organizations increasingly transfer cyber security knowledge to their staff in the form of publications and instructor-led training. However, knowledge transfer does not guarantee skill development. In order to let the trainees become skilled at recognizing threats, and being fully aware of the direct connection between their daily actions and cyber security breaches, Info-Sentinel lets them experience the point of view of a cyber-security inspector. They deal with the same mistakes that the trainee might be making throughout his/her day. Challenged with taking the necessary actions to reveal vulnerabilities, the trainee must think critically and understand the way the hackers think.

Game Overview

Info-Sentinel’s Learning Objectives are as follows:

  • Developing the skills needed to recognize the most common information security vulnerabilities
  • Understanding the connection between a worker’s daily actions and cyber security breaches.
  • Learning to recognize the subtleties of what constitutes valuable information
  • Understanding the general nature of Social Engineering techniques used by attackers
  • Displaying the ability to take the necessary actions upon discovering a security vulnerability

The trainee becomes “Sentinel”, a skilled cyber security inspector who is sent to investigate a company that has become a victim of a cyber-breach.

Sentinel has two tasks:
  • Assess the company’s standing with regards to Information Assurance best practices and log his/her findings
  • Discover how the leak might have occurred, and stop the on-going breach.
Sentinel must rely on his/her critical thinking skills and keen eye to scrutinize the environment, categorize
security threats, make Incident Handling decisions, and figure out which discoveries might lead to the capture of the stealthy attackers.
  • College and university students (as a part of the information technology related training)
  • General employees of medium to large scale organizations and government (Any group of employees coming in contact with sensitive information)

The game’s scenario is divided into 4 sections which is packed with multiple security violations and vulnerabilities that can be placed under a global set of categories:

  • Insufficient protection of confidential information
  • Unsecured equipment or network
  • Vulnerable equipment left unattended
  • Lack of Discretion
Throughout the gameplay, each decision the trainee makes is recorded. At the end of each section, the trainee must have taken a pre-determined set of crucial actions that proves their ability to pay attention, and recognize the given situation in the scenario. Statistics of successfully processed and missed items are shown, with the option to return to the section. The trainee’s progress towards the end of the game indicate various competencies. During this progress, each category of violation/vulnerability is analyzed to determine weaknesses. Immediate feedback is given after each action, as well as an end-of-section review. The trainee’s success rate for each category is reported to the trainee on a visual reporting page upon completion, or “save & exit”. The success rate for each category, as well as the trainee’s selection of Incident Handling actions are collected by the engine and later reported to the Training
Administrator/Trainer/Professor for further analysis of strengths and weaknesses, based on each section of the game.

Game Specs

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Game Video

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