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Best Government-Developed Game (Available 2008-2021)

Award Won!

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US Navy SPAWAR Systems Command

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GeoCommander addresses the problem of accurate Geo Location of hostile forces supporting the Global War on Terror.  The game space is a fictional environment based on accurate science and a convergence of industry and military expertise to create a state-of-the-art instantiation to support real-world, serious problems.

Game Overview

Geo-location/direction finding principles and applications.

Players improve understanding of national and tactical net-centric geolocation operations focusing on scientific geolocation tactics and techniques.

Department of Defense geolocation operators and mission planners.

The game has an actual outcome score that measures how fast, efficiently and accurately players can perform geolocation operations. There is also a knowledge pre and post-test on geolocation operations that has been approved by the Navy to give the final metric.

Game Specs

Game Engine
Operating System

Game Video

Play the video below to learn more about GeoCommander