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Game DIS

Game DIS


Research Network Incorporated (RNI)

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Game DIS (GDIS) is a military training application using the 3D Gaming Engine that powers Half-Life®2. The application is fully configurable and allows: multiplayer participation over standard internet connection; AAR support for spectators and instructors to participate and play along with playback; alternate outcomes for AAR participation with “smart bots” and live unit animations; integration of standard DIS tools such as CERDEC’s C2 Mobile Intelligent Net-Centric Computing System (C2MINCS); and, support for man-wearable embedded training and mission rehearsal as demonstrated for Spiral C of Army Aerial Assault Expeditionary Force Experiment.

Game Overview

Allows players to practice US Army mission planning, training, rehearsal and after action review.

Players join teams and cooperate in competitive exercises against each other.

US Army soldiers.

Players participate in an After Action Review (AAR) of the game play between themselves or with an instructor.

Game Specs

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