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Door Kickers is a CQB Tactics Planning game that puts you in charge of a SOF entry team. The user will analyze the situation, plan team routes and actions, decide upon breach points, and coordinate multiple troopers to fulfill an objective. The unique real-time freeform gameplay allows and teaches on-the-fly improvisation and adaptation. Players must craft and execute the perfect plan, and adjust to mistakes, or unplanned obstacles, in order to accomplish the mission goals without casualties. Learn the hard lessons of proper flow patterns and building clearing before real lives are on the line.

Game Overview

The main skill is learning the proper flow patterns (team maneuvering techniques in a CQB environment) and understanding the strategies for entry choices within a structure. These choices will provide clear and immediate feedback regarding the success or failure of a chosen plan and will allow the user to adapt their strategies for a better outcome.

The goal of the game is to complete each CQB scenario, as a Team Leader, with a finely tuned and executed plan. The player is presented with a rough floor plan (limited intel) and is then tasked with navigating a breach team through the space, safely, assuming there are threats around every corner. The game emphasizes the minimization of casualties and demands that the Team Leader practice safe team strategies (providing overwatch, deploying flashbang grenades, and checking corners). Missions require the use of critical thinking skills and test the player’s ability to adapt to evolving circumstances (operating with a friendly casualty, operating with bad intel, et cetera).

Males or Females ages 18-80 that are interested in a strategic and tactical experience.

Feedback is instantaneous, as a wrong move or poor plan will result in team injuries or casualties. When in-game characters are injured, they report to the player about their injury and have now become a liability and another factor in the mission’s success or failure. Players are also graded in their performances, upon the completion or absolute failure of a mission. When they improve, they are notified that they improved upon their previous performances, and are provided with clear feedback (faster time to completion, zero injuries, less gear deployed, et cetera).

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Game Video

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