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Crash Cart Countdown

Crash Cart Countdown


VA Sim ulation Learning Education and Research Network (SimLEARN)

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The Crash Cart Countdown prompts users to take part in a realistic 3D virtual environment that simulates medical emergency situations. The game utilizes equipment associated with, and medical supplies contained in, an average hospital emergency cart. Organizations can customize carts to reflect the unique training requirements of their facility and its workforce. Users are prompted to locate all necessary equipment in a situation where time is of the essence and they are evaluated on their time efficiency and performance accuracy for that particular prompt sequence. Various prompt sequences are issued during each play-through to enhance cognitive recall and produce precise evaluations of user knowledge.

Game Overview

The game was designed to increase cognitive recall skills associated with identifying and locating items in an organization’s unique cart configuration.

The goal of the Crash Cart Countdown is to train hospital nursing staff members to efficiently and accurately locate medical supplies and equipment in a standard or customized hospital-specific cart.

Hospital Nursing Staff Members.

The player is evaluated based on the accuracy and time efficiency of their performance. Also, the scoring algorithm is balanced depending on the complexity of the cart they are using. This normalizes the scoring between carts of different sizes, and even different configurations between organizations. A player is incapable of exploiting the system due to the randomization of prompt sequences on each subsequent gameplay. The player is presented with a breakdown of their scoring upon completing a level and the player’s high scores are then added to a leaderboard to encourage replay as well as friendly competition with their peers or associates at other VA facilities.

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Game Video

Play the video below to learn more about Crash Cart Countdown