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Combat Medic

Combat Medic


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Combat Medic is an engaging and immersive application with the goal of instructing combat medics on optimal treatment techniques of the top three causes of preventable death on the modern battlefield and supplements the 68W combat medic training courses. Within a realistic 3D outdoor environment, users work collaboratively to evaluate the casualty’s condition and perform the necessary procedures to save the soldier’s life. The game features an integrated real-time physiology engine as well as session playback which allows instructors and users to review gameplay and critique. The game features both single player and multi-player functionality and a scaling difficulty system.

Game Overview

Players are introduced to the NASA lunar architecture and inspired to consider careers in science and engineering.  Strategy, teamwork and problem solving are promoted.

Our long-term goal with Combat Medic is to provide learning module content for combat medics to address the top three causes of preventable deaths on the modern battlefield:
•Hemorrhage: Treated with wound packing, application of a pressure dressing, and/or application of a tourniquet.
•Airway Management: Treated with a surgical cricothyrotomy.
•Tension Pneumothorax: Treated with needle decompression.

Combat medics of the U.S. Army and those participating in 68W combat medic training courses.

Our real time physiology engine simulates human vitals based on player actions; at the end of the scenario the virtual patient either lives or dies. The ultimate learning statistic is to save the soldier’s life. In addition, the prioritized and proper steps for successfully treating the procedure(s) are captured in the golden path. After the scenario is complete, the user is presented with a debrief screen. The debrief screen lists the correct golden path alongside the user’s actions from the scenario. Each correct action is shown in green as a “GO” and each incorrect action (either incorrect for the procedure or out of order) is shown in red as a “NO GO”.

Game Specs

Special Hardware
  • VOIP enabled headset for multiplayer, not required for single-player evaluation
Game Engine
Operating System

Game Video

Play the video below to learn more about Combat Medic