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C-ID Combat Vehicle Detection & Identification

CID Combat Vehicle Detection & Identification


AEgis Technologies

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C-ID Combat Vehicle Detection & Identification challenges the player to identify combat vehicles targets and determine if they are enemy or friendly. Gameplay sends the player on a mission to find and identify targets in a combat environment through the lens of a UAV camera. After familiarizing themselves with the features of potential vehicle targets in the Training Garage, the player enters the battlefield environment and must locate and select vehicle targets, evaluate and identify with the option to zoom, and select the vehicle ID from an onscreen set of options. An onscreen After Action Review provided the player instant feedback on their performance and gives them a proficiency ranking.

Game Overview

Flowing the guidelines of Instructional Systems Design, the AEgis Technologies Group intends to use gaming technologies as a means of addressing the need for hands-on training in multiple scenarios. To the end, research was done by consulting both DoD and industry subject matter experts as well as military trend reports that show the fratricide and combat vehicle recognition is still an issue in current operations. Development of C-ID began be determining what vesicles are most commonly used in combat, both friendly and enemy, providing a training environment to educate the user on those vehicles (the C-ID Training Garage), and then placing them in a realistic environment that will allow them to test their proficiency in positively identifying the vehicle and eliminating the threat if it exists. C-ID includes a library of thirty potential vehicle targets and currently has one level of game play with three more levels in development.

Player are taught the basic identification features of common combat vehicles, both in color and infrared mode and whether those vehicles are friendly or enemy. They learn to locate and identify those vehicles in a simulated, realistic combat environment. We have provided the ability to view the environment and vehicle targets both from the camera view of a UAV as well as ground view from the vehicle convoy. Because the focus of the game is on the vehicle recognition from the UAV view, the ground view is provided as it could be within a true mission, but we have limited selection of targets to the UAV camera view. Realistic distractions such as a human interaction, geotypical cultural features, and explosions as vehicles targets are destroyed are part of the environment of gameplay. As the player progresses through the levels of the game, the environmental conditions as well as location and visibility of the combat vehicles becomes more difficult.

Fratricide has been an unfortunate consequence of conflict for decades. Advances in modern weaponry have provided an unparalleled level of speed, precision, and lethality to our US Armed Forces. The need for rapid positive identification of enemy in order to mitigate the risk to non-combatants and friendly forces is ever present. The goal of C-ID is to educate the user on the features of both enemy and friendly combat vehicles and place them in a simulated combat environment where they can test and improve their skills.

Military personnel with a need to identify combat vehicles

Each level of C-ID concludes with an After Action Review (AAR) if the player’s performance and includes metrics of the time taken to complete the level, percent of vehicles accurately identified, and incorporates a weighted algorithm to calculate their level of achievement. Players must successfully meet minimum criteria at lower levels to move on to the more difficult levels of the game. The player is able to replay a level in order to improve proficiency, and targets the randomized so they will be identifying different vehicles in replay mode.

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