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Boarder's Ahoy!

Boarder’s Ahoy! The Maritime Interdiction Game



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Boarder’s Ahoy! is a multiplayer, team-based cooperative game where up to six players assume the roles involved as part of a Security and Search Team during a NATO Maritime Interdiction Boarding of a suspect merchant vessel in the Gulf of Aden. Players have to cooperate with their teammates to ensure procedure is followed, mission objectives are met, and that no suspect items or intelligence are overlooked during the boarding.

Game Overview

Team communication, Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) boarding familiarization, attention to detail.

Players must properly follow operating procedure and achieve mission objectives, investigating a suspect vessel, including its cargo and crew.

The NATO Maritime Interdiction Operations Training Center in Crete.

Boarder’s Ahoy! tracks player performance by verifying each interaction the team performs, and totaling the correct and incorrect results when the scenario is ended.  A high-score leader board is available for all players to view from the Mission Briefing Room lobby, providing a peer-based incentive for performing well.

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