February 16, 2024

Ellis LaMay

Dragon Box Screen Shot 1

In the beginning of the game, players learn to identify shapes based on their properties. Next, logic-based puzzles are introduced. To solve the puzzles, players must use the properties of given shapes, which are placed in complex figures of overlapping shapes, to draw conclusions about other shapes in the figure. As the game progresses, players use the definitions, postulates and theorems presented in Euclid’s Elements to solve increasingly sophisticated puzzles. The logical reasoning in the game is identical to the logical reasoning used in formal geometric proof, only with a kinesthetic gaming component that allows players to visualize it.

The highlights:

Dragon Box Screen Shot 3
  • Identify basic shapes and experiment with their properties at your own pace
  • Solve engaging puzzles using mathematics and logic.
  • Get introduced to Euclid’s Elements and learn about geometric proof, whilst having fun.

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