February 16, 2024

Ellis LaMay

Cyber Heist

Cyber Heist is an intense, two-player co-op experience unlike any other. Team up with a friend to take on the futuristic Department of Education as either an eye-in-the-sky hacker or a stealthy, cautious thief.

Work together with your partner to plan your route through each level; trap mechanical drones; disable alarms; and gather passwords. Most importantly, do your best to improvise as unforeseen obstacles prevent you from making your way further into the Department of Education vault to eliminate all student debt forever!

The Highlights:

  • -Asymmetrical cooperation
  • -2D + 3D simultaneous gameplay
  • -Couch cooperation: screen peeking and planning with each other encouraged!
Cyber Heist - Hacker
Cyber Heist Screen Shot

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