February 16, 2024

Ellis LaMay

Combat Medic Promo

Combat Medic is an engaging and immersive application with the goal of instructing combat medics on optimal treatment techniques of the top three causes of preventable death on the modern battlefield and supplements the 68W combat medic training courses.

Within a realistic 3D outdoor environment, users work collaboratively to evaluate the casualty’s condition and perform the necessary procedures to save the soldier’s life.  The game features an integrated real-time physiology engine as well as session playback which allows instructors and users to review gameplay and critique.

The game features both single player and multi-player functionality and a scaling difficulty system.

Combat Medic Huddle Phase

The Highlights:

  • -Combat Medic delivers content through self-directed, team-based, and instructor-led training in casualtytactical treatment in a realistic virtual environment, focusing on the treatment of the top three causes ofpreventable deaths on the modern battlefield.
  • -Users access this content via the GO Platform: an exciting technology combining browser-based applicationdelivery, virtual meeting spaces for briefing and debrief game discussions, and interactive playback of gamesessions, and modularity for future expansion.
  • -The integrated BioGears Physiology Engine simulates the effects of the medic’s actions on the casualtyoutcome, providing accurate real-time casualty vitals and physiology based casualty responses (e.g.,dialogue, pallor, animations, etc.) allowing the medic to improve task performance, troubleshoot problems withno risk to casualty health and safety.
Combat Medic Pneumo Casualty

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