February 16, 2024

Ellis LaMay

“The Lumini rise from the darkest shadows during times of great stress and turmoil. Throughout human history, they’ve gained strength by feasting on the pain, suffering and hopelessness of humanity. They seek to find other creatures to corrupt so they can grow stronger, gain influence and perpetrate their evil.”  From TunnelTail.com

Tunnel Tails

Such is the story behind one of the most unique finalists of SGS&C 2012.  Best Foundation worked with Schell Games to create Tunnel Tail, a game that aims to help kids navigate social situations in which they might be pressured to do something they’re not comfortable doing.  The game embeds metaphors in compelling cinematic storytelling about the Mouse Tribe’s fight against the evil Lumini.

Best Foundation is making Tunnel Tail available for free across all mobile platforms, and it is doing quite well.  Says President and CEO Bridget Ryan, “Our game is available in the iTunes Store, at Google Play and through Amazon Apps.  We’ve had over 255,000 downloads and have maintained a 4.2 star rating across all platforms.”

SGS&C wishes Best Foundation continued success with Tunnel Tail and applauds the great work they are doing with youth.


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